Thanks for parking here, its one of the domains for email that you can create email with:

Create your email for free, here are avaiable domains for it:
Domain Available? Yes sure yes gulag power Yes. le yes mustardgas Yes its avaiable We do a little trolling, and yes its avaiable
More soon... Idk what to put here lmfao

For now registation is done maunally by me [Furime le Furim], so if u want a email just DM me | bunkertreff (u can meet me here)

Privacy disclaimer: If you wonder about ethics related me to looking into your inbox and what u sent, yes i will not do that HOWEVER!!! its still possible for me to do that so dont trust me and if you want to have real privacy mode, use with your friends encryption, aka probably the most popular tool for generating PGP pairs GNUPG(GPG)

so yeah TL;DR dont trust me and be paranoid(no joke its more secure also to encrypt messages)

Money for caffeine/beer other psychoactive drug:

Cool website for sending money to furime